FB Contest time. Lets see your best b4 & after...


Robert Allen

Contest time. Lets see your best b4 & after pic! Today while I was cleaning I decided to try some ideas that were passed on to me about Groutmaster. I was a little reluctant but decided to try them as we do sell the product. I already know there is no better or safer tile & grout cleaner with over 2k testimonials. But for carpets I was a little hesitant. The 1st tip passed on to me was that it kills filtration lines. Add 1 scoop (2oz) to 32oz sprayer. Wow. It cut them like butter. I also used it where a computer was sitting for a few years on the carpet. Those black lines are always tough to remove. Applied Groutmaster, agitated, rinsed and it looked new. The 2nd tip was to put 3 scoops in an inline sprayer (most inlines are 8-1) and use it as a prespray. Worked like charm cutting through dog oil job today! 3rd tip was to put one scoop in the 5 gallon mix tank and use it as an emulsifier. Wow is all the clients could say today. I admit, Im a little embarrassed I haven't tried experimenting with this product. Every month we give 25 samples away. Starting today, each week we will give a container away with a grout brush (limited supply brushes) and hopefully the winner will give his feedback. So for this weeks contest lets see your b4 and afters. Next week we will come up with a new idea. Contest ends Sunday at noon.