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Robert Allen

*CONTEST* Ok like we said, trying to shoot for a contest each weekend for awhile. Trying to change things up a bit. Here is one. Whoever guess's the closest score of either of the 2 NFL games wins a container of Groutmaster each. (Same person cannot win both). Good luck. Packers vs Cowboys Steelers vs Chiefs Shameless plug and instructions; :D Groutmaster What is Groutmaster? it is the premier tile & grout cleaner that rarely needs prescrubbing. Mix 2-3 scoops, (4-6 oz) in a gallon hot water. Spray it down, wait 5-10 mins and run your spinner over it. Cuts greasy filthy grout like nothing else and doesn't harm stainless steel appliances, transitions and cabinets. (Still wipe down any overspray of course) can be used on all types man made tile and natural stones. Also it's an incredible carpet cleaning booster. Just add 1-2 scoops to your current prespray inline sprayer mix and watch it work magic on rat nasties. many use it as a "stand alone" carpet cleaning prespray on rat nasties and filthy greasy restaurants. Hope this helps. Four ways cleaners use Groutmaster; 1) Tile & Grout cleaner 2-3 scoops to gallon hot water 2) Prespray booster-Just add 1-2 scoops to favorite prespray in an inline sprayer. 3) Stand alone carpet prespray. 3-6 scoops to a standard 8:1 inline sprayer. 4 ) Filtration line remover-1 scoop to qt hand trigger sprayer hot water. Simply spray, agitate and rinse. *Remember 10 mins dwell time and rarely needs prescrubbing. Scoop equals 2oz's. And like any prespray, do not allow to dry before rinsing. When used as a "stand alone" carpet prespray we recommend a good acid rinse like Flex Ice. Enjoy! Here is a link if anyone wants to buy some. Each container grosses about 5-9000 dollars in tile & grout cleaning depending on soil levels. Not too bad for a 49.00 investment. :) https://shop.truckmountforums.com/c...groutmaster-free-shipping-for-1st-time-buyers

Brandon Stake

Cowboys 21-28 Packers Cheifs 16-31 steelers