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Truck Mount Forums has the latest carpet cleaning equipment news to this date. The Educational Experience at Connections Events is second to none. We created Connections to advance of the sciences of the various industries we work in. This is our 8th year offering great up to date and timely educational programs to keep our attendees one step ahead of the rest of the field.

This years Connections Convention Educational Program has some of the best and brightest in the world speaking and sharing information for you to take back to your company, to give you an opportunity to continue to grow and be profitable. Just take a look at the classroom opportunities we offer and you will see why you need to have your company's personnel in our seats.

Life is but a dream - Stephanine Beattie, Center for Disaster Recovery; Remember a time when dreams actually mattered to people? Take a moment and explore what matters to you! Stephanie Beattie is a well known speaker and instructor in the restoration field. Her flare for capturing an audience leaves her attendees speechless with her "getting to what's possible" teaching style. Realize why dreams are important, and know how to get to your dreams with 3 easy steps. Learn how to put your dreams into action and how to determine what really matters.

Formula for Email Success - Unveiling Indispensable Tips that get a Reply - Karen Purves, Innovative Impact - Do you struggle to get the information you request from others? Do you have a 90% or better response rate to your email inquiries? Do you dread "cold" calls? This program shows you how to send effective emails that get clients and colleagues to read your messages, reply to your requests and make your life easier! This information is relevant for anyone who wants to be successful in their use of email for business or personal communication. Particularly effective for people in sales, this program will give you the edge to increase sales without picking up the phone to make "cold" calls. Attend this session and learn proven tips that work!

Discover How to Make MORE Money While Working LESS with Industry "Thought Leader" Howard Partridge. Howard Reveals His Latest Breakthroughs, Discoveries, and Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level! Howard Partridge not only operates one of the most successful carpet cleaning companies in our industry, he stays on the cutting edge of marketing, sales, business building and personal development. With a 14 truck "laboratory", 34 employees and members testing his methods world-wide, Howard ALWAYS has amazing new strategies to share.

The Pro's Tool Box - Bridgepoint Systems and Interlink Supply Present If you are going to build anything that is worthwhile and lasting you need to approach the job with the correct tools. Without proper tools any job takes longer and is simply not as good. Bridgepoint Systems has developed the most complete tool box with the finest tools this industry has ever seen. You will get see these fantastic tools in a four hour seminar that will knock your sox off. Here is a preview:
Tool #1 - Home Pro by Design-What can you do to make money while sleeping, on vacation, not moving the wand, not driving the truck, not paying a receptionist or technician?
Tool #2 - Innovations in Stone Care - New products and fool proof systems help you get into the stone care business.
Tool #3 - Business Education - Learn about universal business principles and how to apply them to your business.
The Bridgepoint Tool Box is like a franchise but without the franchise fees. This may be the most financially important seminar you have ever attended.

Sky Rocket to the Top - Secrets Reveled, Sherman Guffy, Steve Marsh & George Grijalva, Prochem, will reveal "How to achieve your goals in any economy!"
Session One: Marketing for Single Truck Success - Steve Marsh shows how to avoid expensive and ineffective advertising. Learn how to appeal to quality residential consumers.
Session Two: Make more money with advanced skills- Sherman Guffy will demonstrate how to use chemistry to solve the most extreme soil conditions. You will learn some secret recipes for pet stains, extreme soil, greasy oily soils, and tough stains like wine, mustard, colored beverages, ink stains, and more. Don't miss this session!
Session Three: Prepare for Battle-The shocking truth- George Grijalva will reveal 15 secrets to powerful results in any economy. This high impact session will blow you away! Each attendee will receive a printed battle plan for achieving massive sales on every job. This is the program to attend! $2,509.88 in Door Prizes will be given away!

Extreme Cleaning made Easy with an Emphasis in Marketing, Don Snider and Dan Bonanno, Pros Choice CTI, Dramatically reduce the time you spend cleaning with new chemistry and techniques. Come prepared for hands on demonstrations. Fill the time you save with new business. We'll show you how.

The Color of Money, The Power of Going Green"- Noel Frank and Frank Kinmonth, Chemspec, The leader in innovative technologies for over 40 years to the Professional Carpet Cleaner discusses the business advantages of looking toward the future. Build your client base through this profitable presentation. It pays to go "Green!"

ICS and R&R present Connections to the Cleaning and Restoration Industry, A high-powered lineup of respected columnists and contributors from ICS Cleaning Specialist and Restoration & Remediation will be speaking on topics of the day, bringing their technical insight and operational prowess to bear in order to help cleaning and restoration business owners and technicians alike use their tools, training and opportunities to maximum effect.

Rug Cleaning - How to Grow Your Business in a Down Economy, Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose, Master Rug Cleaners, Wall to wall carpet sales are down, however, rug sales as a percent of floor covering continues to grow and now is over 20%. Learn how you can be part of this profitable and growing segment of the cleaning industry. Rug cleaning does require knowledge and certain specialized skills. Come and hear from industry experts Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose how to avoid major costly mistakes, learn the Ten Keys to Become a Successful Rug Cleaner and how to become a Master Rug Cleaner.

Here's your chance to get in on the industry's most lucrative and profitable diversification - Oriental and specialty rug cleaning! How does $500 for a cleaning a single 8x10-foot rug sound? How about two ($1000) per hour?! Clean Care Seminars, Inc., the industry's oldest and most experienced publication and training firm, is proud to participate in a totally new concept in convention education. At the Connections Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV, CCS instructors, Ruth Travis and Jeff Bishop will be presenting hands-on demonstrations of the industry's newest and most innovative system for Oriental and specialty rug cleaning. CCS instructors will be setting up a complete rug cleaning plant - that's right, complete plant - in the convention hall. All methods of rug cleaning will be available, with emphasis on total submersion cleaning of high-value Orientals. It's a level of cleaning never seen in the industry before. Ruth Travis,! former SCRT President and IICRC immediate Past President, is a 21-year industry veteran, author and expert in the field of color repair, carpet inspection and rug cleaning. Jeff Bishop got his start in rug cleaning in his father's plant over 55 years ago. Having served as IICRC Vice President, Exams and Standards Committee Chair, and Standards writer and editor, Jeff is a 38-year industry trainer, international speaker, publisher of 13 books and 6 videos, and IICRC-approved instructor in 8 cleaning and restoration categories. Here's what you'll see:

* Identifying, evaluating and pricing high-value rugs - how to make $3-6 dollars per ft2 instead of 30-45 cents per ft2!

* Rug dusting featuring the unbeatable Rug Badger.

* 3 methods for colorfastness testing - how to avoid getting stuck with damaged rugs!

* All new methods for pretreatment and circulation of urine-saturated rugs.

* Submersion cleaning of rugs under laminar water flow, using the industry's most innovated wand - 3-D cleaning!

* Centrifugal extraction of excess water leaving rugs 90% dry.

* Blocking and floating problem rugs on the CCS exclusive air table; we'll even show you how to build your own!

* Drying rugs on the E-Z Tower - 25 rugs hung and dried in a 10x12-foot space!

* Browning and color removal from fringe - lose the fear and get unbelievable results!

Remote Monitoring the Drying Process - Meters and Documentation - Brandon Burton, Dri-Eaz Products. Live demonstration - using remote metering devices properly, recording the measurements and applying the readings to the job, and following through on the monitoring process to complete the drying properly.

Using Hand Held Monitoring Devices, Dan Bernazzani, DryAdvise - How do you document the readings, setting a dry goal from a dry standard, daily readings to Completion. What is Completion, when is the job dry, what are the readings that should be in your files.

Power - Generators - Sunbelt Rentals, Ken Rothmel and Paul Hrvatin, Learn how to set up and maintain an independent power source for your job sites. Sunbelt Rentals has locations throughout the 48 Contiguous United States, with over 400 locations and can supply you jobsites with the independent power resources you need. Come learn how to properly set up and operate your system to run your jobs. This hands on demonstration will give you the ability to better understand how to figure and set the proper power requirements to run your drying or cleaning equipment.

IICRC Marketing Committee, Lee Zimmerman - Why you should be an IICRC Certified Firm, How to Use the Press Releases and Marketing Materials to Grow Your Business, Jennifer Hudson, Edleman, IICRC is a Standards and Certification Organization and this Session will help you better utilize the materials to give your organization better recognition in the marketplace.

Marketing Is a Story; He Who Has the Best Story Wins, Jon-Don, Dave Howard and Bill Yeadon, Everyone loves a story. Whether it is your three-year old daughter or one of your potential customers they want to hear a good story. The story has to have a good ending. That ending in our business finds our customer with a clean healthy home. Our story is why we are the company that can help our customer live happily ever after.

Social Media - Internet Marketing, Websites, Email Blasts, Truck Mount Forums, Tre Allen and Rob Allen, How they can impact your business, for beginners, how do you use this technology to increase your business and be more efficient with your dollars to make more profits.

Mike Griggs - Restorers Prospective, What other industry can sustain long term viability using "time and materials" pricing? Do water damage mitigation contractors provide pricing that can be determined in the best interest of all participants in the process?

The water damage industry has evolved into one where funding parties now evaluate data after the fact to determine if the work was done efficiently and properly. Third party data evaluations have emerged are deployed in an "after the fact" scenario.

Moving to a different pricing model will eliminate the ongoing debate on what specific equipment was needed, utilized or required to achieve the intended goals. Data reporting does not have the same purpose it has now evolved into. This session explores the advantages and pitfalls in using unit pricing (square foot and cubic foot) for water damage mitigation. Using the IICRC S-500 and its metrics, good, knowledgeable water damage contractors can THRIVE

QuickBooks Sessions: The Future of QuickBooks in Your Company, Sonia Gray, Forepoint; Are you feeling you might need a more robust system but hate the hassle of switching? QuickBooks Enterprise Edition may be the solution for you! Join us for a look at the improved speed, reporting, greater capacity, improved security and most of all, NEW Field Service Management functionality. Track your jobs, fleet and staff instantly and seamlessly via their cell phones from your dispatch console. Save time, money, and increase customer services with this new version, all without losing any data or learning a whole new system. Yep, it's all there in QuickBooks Enterprise. Don't miss this opportunity to see it in action!
QuickBooks Power Tips and Tricks - If you're using QuickBooks but know it can do more for you, this is your session! We'll highlight the tips and tricks that will make your system easier and more powerful including handling "tricky" transactions, customizing reports, short cuts and workarounds, exporting information, payroll options, sending information to your accountant, 3rd party add-ons that make you more efficient, and more. Save time and energy by joining us for this session and start making more of the tools you already own!

Cleanfax Magazine - What is new in the industry? What are the currently Industry Trends? What is the future of the Cleaning and Restoration Industry? Come be a part of the this industry discussion lead by Jeff Cross and Micah Ogburn

Dan Bernazzani - Insurance and Consultant Prospective, Why independent evaluation for water losses makes sense regardless of the pricing model? Every restoration business and insurance professional needs reliable information about drying performance. Depending on your internal and external reporting needs, a Third party review offers alternative assurance services that help companies fulfill reporting requirements often required by insurance carriers or other stake holders and provides better knowledge about your business.
For companies that want the objectivity of an independent review, but don't require the degree of certainty that comes with a site visit, a review may be a cost-effective alternative. Like having your taxes prepared - the review is independent and prepared in accordance with generally accepted industry drying practices.

Prochem Party, You don't want to miss this party. It is a great event each year brought to you by the good people at Prochem. Lots of Food, Lots to Drink, Networking, just a good time!

The Trade Show Hours are:

Wednesday, September 9th 4 - 8 pm
Thursday, September 10th 1:15 - 6 pm
Friday, September 11th 12: 30 - 4:30 pm


Discounts For Early Registration! Early Registration Prices Ends August 14th Member $ 375 Non-member $ 475 2nd Person Member $ 350 2nd Person Non-member $ 449 Trade Show ONLY is FREE to Early Registration!

The Connections Convention and Trade Show will be at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, so be sure to book your hotel rooms NOW! Special Connections Deluxe Room Rates. $79 per Night (single or double) To make your reservations, call the Las Vegas Hilton at 800-732-7117 or make reservations online at www.connectionsconvention.org> Hotel Room Block Cut Off August 14th <


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