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FB Complete this sentence; I started my business...


Chris Salazar

I've never been a yes man so a job never would work for me.

when the idea came up , everyone laughed and doubted me, sent me over the edge to prove them wrong.

Subbed out $10k+ worth of work my first month at 17 years old (ikr).

John Braun

I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do and make as much money as I wanted to make.

Paula Faughender

I got laid off and knew my time in that trade (print estimating/project management) was done. The trend was going toward much younger, cheaper employees. Also, my husband's health was becoming an issue. He ran a big printing press - hard on the knees and back. We chose a business that had transferable skills for both of us - and his back is still holding up! Best thing we ever did.

Allan Simmons

I loved the client feedback while I was cleaning carpets to earn some beer money when I was waiting for exam results and realised I could make more money in this industry than by going to university and then getting a job.