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FB Complete this sentence; I started my business...


Jason Goodman

Because when you work for some one else there is only so much you can earn ! Even if you worked 168 hours in one week you will only earn so much !
When you work for yourself you could earn a lot more !
That's why I started mine

Michael Haight

I was tired of making other people money and me not benefiting from it while living paycheck to paycheck...

Matt Smith

My single mother was my inspiration. She was able to provide for 3 hungry, growing boys with her own business.

Dan G. Langendoerfer

I was born into this business. Full time since 16 and started hauling 1/2 buckets of water on the weekends when I was 9 years old... it’s not just a business for me it’s a way of life. It’s been one hell of a ride thus far!

Todd Martinez

I was tired of being a male stripper nobody wanted to come see shrimp teaser

Gene Miller

I was tired of working for peanuts for other people. Now I work for peanuts for myself. LOL

Rodney Ray Rapp

I love meeting and seeing new people every day and get to visit and see people all throughout my community I love doing what I do

Chisum Proctor

I love window cleaning, make better money and didn't and still don't want to do anything else

Tim Guimond

I was able to make my whole month salary in 1 day. Also I get paid everyday instead of waiting biweekly for a paycheck.