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FB Complete this sentence; I started my business...


Daron Matthew Champion

My mom made me vacuum the carpets at home every other day as a kid

Corey Houston

Was a way to do what i had planned to do since i was a teenager. Different job then first intended. Like it though glad i gave it a shot. more then likely wouldn't of if i didn't come across tmf. That's what started the ball rolling for me.

James Tole

My best friend was getting laid off in 2 weeks and I had a little nest egg. Great step in my life

Brad Page

Wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the meds alone were not cheap. Buated my ass 7 days a week to make those payments and slowly but surely she was able to walk again and regain alot of usage in her arms. I was amazed at what drive you pull from inside when your between a rock and Rosie O'donell lol

Jeremy Vandergugten

The opportunity was given to me providencially . I got fired from my last job I wanted control of my life.

Frank Bucklew Jr

I hated how other companies treated there costumers and employee.

Ryan Jankauskas

Being an astronaut is overrated. Sucking up piss is more rewarding.

Osvaldo Trasvina

I Grew up watching & Helping my Old Man Cleaned Carpets for Living

Dennis G Comba

Wanted to spend the time with my son and family..also making my own schedule and not answering to know one and the satisfaction of helping ppl