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FB Complete this sentence; I started my business...


Marcus Graham

I was tired of hearing, "don't worry son, one day you will get there. "

Jordan Gan

I Hated working in offices with a bunch of politically correct zombies.

Vic Lafleur Jr.

I took over a an existing business that was established in 55 where I was employed for over 20 years

Mitch Ayres

I was sick of working for people, and knew I had more in me..... I wanted to do things my way!

James Reid

I had my sofa cleaned by a splash and dash and knew i could do it better

Tom Anderson III

Because the criminal justice system punishes you for your entire life even after you served your time. Don't have to worry about getting a job when you are your own boss.

Michael MG Cleanup Gavin

I was working 4 another cleaning company and one of the buildings i was working at let them go and ask me to work 4 them

Micheal Villones

Because it I want to make my family comfortable. Not some asshole CEO. Also I do what I want when I want:)