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Direct Mail EDDM Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Group


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Feb 5, 2012
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Joseph Pais
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United States
Ok guys I'm wanting to put together a private group for commercial marketing.

I've already got the sales letters needed for us to get moving.

What will be required of everyone is...

A) To get a list of commercial buildings such as doctors, banks, general offices, and churches. This will only be used for yourself and your own mailings.

B) Send 50-150 Letters out each month. First month mailing will be 50 and then we move on to the next part of the list. When on the next part of the list we will send a mailing to the previous part of the list. This continues until we hit the 3rd letter to the first part of the list.

C) Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is preferred but we can make it work for Truck Mount Cleaning as well.

No one will be required to purchase any equipment. Just bring what you have and we can make it work for you.

The key to this group is going to be accountability and consistent communication with the group on progress.

I'm thinking for now we start with 5 members and perfect the program.

There is no cost to you. Just need to have the will to make money,


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Oct 16, 2014
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Red Beard
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United States
What turned out of this.. I'm interested in figuring out how to market commercial better