Commercial building pricing

May 13, 2016
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John Guerra
I have been asked to clean 2 commercial buildings that are the same in construction, i have done a few homes as I build this into the portfolio of offerings and this is the 1st time having to quote for a commercial job. All research has me between $2 and $4 a pane and I am just looking for verification on what I have researched. I will be squeegee and laddering the 2nd story as the reach is too great from the walkway to do a thorough job.

Question is, am I correct in the info I have researched for pricing?

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Apr 24, 2017
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Lincoln Boland
The prices are fine but later it depends customer to customer basis. If he is good then if you will ask for $5 per pane then he will give it to you otherwise he will argue in $3 also. So talk to him about your quotation.