Color sealing instead of cleaning

Steam It.

Aug 24, 2008
New Braunfels
Real Name
Don Heto
What’s up with everyone color sealing over dirty grout? Running into this more and more and it is such a pain in the ass to fix. Today I show up to 4 year old home and customer tells me he had it cleaned 2 months ago and it looked great when they were done but ever time they mop it gets worse and worse. I quickly could tell it was a color seal and explain that it is coming off and what he is seeing is the dirt they were covering up. Should have walked but told him I would try and help him out. His jaw hit the floor when he saw my demo which was just 225 degree water at 1600psi and spinner. I tested in traffic area and color seal came right off dirt came right off and looked great. What I was dreading and happened was in low traffic areas were it wasn’t originally dirty in the first place the color seal was a nightmare to get off because it adhered better. I used GM, Acid, Stripper and had some Acetone with wire brush and ton of elbow grease. Ended up Needing 275-285 degrees at 2500psi popped a hose blew out a couple areas of grout took almost 6hours and originally could have done it all in 2 hours with no problem. This is getting ridiculous and is very unethical because customer was completely mislead.