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Mar 12, 2016
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Stephen Boisvert
I did a short notice cleaning (called a week in advance) for a management company outside of my normal service Area, I only went because the person they were managing for requested me.

They asked for a COI 3 days before the job. I talk to my agent and she gets it to them 2 days before the job.

I do the job, leave a bill, no payment in 3 weeks, send an email reminder. They call and say my insurance didn’t have the additional insured info filled out properly, a little annoyed I say no problem tell me how you need it and I’ll resend.

send my agent the info and she says “that’s how we sent it” she sends me a copy.

So now we are at 5 weeks still no check.

How would you pursue this. No complaints about the work, no signed documents specifying their insurance requirements, no vendor pack. Then 2 weeks later they want a new COI.

I’ve never not been paid and I don’t want to start with this one. If this went to court would they have any case?


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Jan 14, 2019
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Jason Dumont
I go through this all the time. You'll get paid, just have patience but be persistent. If they are a big company your bill is sitting in the accounting department's in box. Document every phone call and use certified mail to send them a reminder notice along with another copy of COI. Follow up with e-mails that request a read receipt. Management companies usually pay bills on a 30 day cycle. Some companies won't even pay the bill until the property owner pays the management company first and that can sometimes turn into 60 days.

It's often overlooked but it's good to remind people that payment is due upon service, especially when dealing with new customers and management companies.
Mar 30, 2010
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jason fisher
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United States
I've had a couple of jobs take damn near 90 days to pay within the past year. Both times I had to make several phone calls and the excuses was that accounts payable never received the invoice even though I sent it multiple times. I honestly think they have a set of excuses they use and just are not in a hurry to pay and give guys like us the run around.


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Nov 6, 2010
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Spencer Dawdy
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United States
Management companies are getting more and more picky about COIs, and if its a 3rd party complience company it gets extremely retarded, once spent almost 30 minutes on the phone on a 3 way call with my agent and the complience company to "get the wording correct". Mgmnt companie was holding a 30k check till coi was worked out, they usually either dont get or lose atleast the 1st 3 you send them.
My advice is 3 way call or email so there is proof it was sent.
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Apr 23, 2018
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Michael Stevens
I had a paint store do this to me. After bothering the district manager and requesting the store pay me direct I finally got paid. They didn’t like that I suggested they don’t care about local small family owned businesses. It was $1200 and they treated it like it wasn’t important at all.
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