CleanStorm 12-6800 AFAD Versus. Mytee Vortex Lite


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Jan 18, 2019
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David VanderMeer
I was looking through several forums and have yet to find a comparison of these two extractors. Specifically I need a lighter weight portable with maximum power for an apartment high rise. If you parked near the curb you would need 400+ft of hose so TM Or ETM setup is out.
The CleanStorm has an 800psi pump, 20gpm pump out, (2) 6.6 vacs all on dual 15amp. It can also be fitted with 2"hose
Mytee vortex has 3gpm pump out. 6.6 (2) "LX" motors 700psi all running on 16, 19amp VL has been hyped up by some influencers which does create bias so I thought these forums may bring out some real truths. I believe I am leaning toward CleanStorm because of the GPM and lower amps. Either VL or CS I will use a screw on waste tank lid Vac Booster so I can park the machine away from residences and near drain. Running 190' of hose with two 6.6 motors& 3 Stage Vac boost still gets mid 200s CFM. Both CS and VL have vacs in series
-Thank you in advance