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Jan 24, 2022
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Matt Weber
This is my first post, and really a hail mary. I'm building my website for the carpet cleaning business I'm starting, and I'm trying to add a few 3-6 second clips to cover the cleaning process since I'm assuming most people aren't going to read all the details. For example: 1-Learn the Fiber: I detail the difference in carpet types and how it matters that your tech understands this (4 sec video of a fiber dropped in water and floating). 2-Dry soil removal (video clip of vacuuming), 3-Soil agitation and suspension (clip of me appying prespray, another of the CRB in action), 4- Extraction (clip of the wand HWE), 5- Grooming and drying (clip of the grandi groom in action, another of a fan, maybe).

The idea is the customer can get the gist of what I'm doing through a few 3-6 second clips. I recorded these, but I guess I did so in really low quality, choppy videos. I was wondering if anyone had and was willing to let me use a short clip of any of these things. The most important of which being the CRB, since mine's still waiting to be shipped so I can't record myself with it. I would just go and rerecord myself, but my trailer's out getting wrapped and I'm paying someone to build the website, and if I take too long getting the clips, I won't be able to get them on the site.

Any help you guys have would be phenomenal. If not, no worries. I understand.


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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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United States
I'll try to save you a lot of time - I've been where you are. Simpler is better. The AVERAGE customer will not look into what your cleaning process is. The Educated customer will already know when you say Steam Cleaning that it usually means hoses coming inside.

My website I try to simplify every year - the things customers want to know are - What is your price, what is your availability, what is your dry time.

Beyond that - they don't care much about fiber types, techniques etc.
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Sep 1, 2009
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I did a ton of research prior to my video. Look it up on Its the right length

and believe it or not, there are customers that arent concerned about price. Those are the ones you want.

I did the video because I got tired of explaining the process on the phone. People cant picture it when you tell them. Seeing it in action is much more persuasive.

I picked up a lot of business from the website but that really wasnt my intention.