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Feb 18, 2014
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Windows of your home and office are usually made from different types of materials and therefore need different approaches for cleaning each of them. Windows are generally of three types - glass, tinted and vinyl.

Regardless of how commonly we clean the windows, we should keep in mind that the different forms of windows in the house or vehicle require different cleaning approach.

Before using a cleaning product, check the label to ensure that it does not contain strong solvents or acids, which produce fumes and can permanently damage vinyl surfaces. Abrasive pads can scratch vinyl windows. Do not remove stickers that contain warranty information.

While cleaning your tinted car windows, do not use any kind of cleaner liquid that uses Ammonia. Ammonia-based cleaners can make your tinting film turn purple. Ammonia is often used to remove tinting film, so for cleaning you absolutely must make sure your cleaner is marked Ammonia-free!
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