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Featured Cleaning Chemicals Marked In Cop Death


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Dec 17, 2011
South Australia
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Grant Baverstock
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I think I agree. There ought to be best practices at work handling the chems. I also think that now and again a really odd and out of the ordinary bad reaction will happen a s sometimes this will end tragically. But it will be a case if the very rare exception and not the rule.

Mother Hubbard

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Jan 12, 2013
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I always ask older and pregnant women to leave the room along with babies. why expose them? I assume the risk as part of the job.
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Mar 30, 2013
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There are many things that can be used for cleaning and many manufacturing companies which makes some cleaning instruments like cleaning trolleys,shampoo,etc.


Aug 8, 2019
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Certified by who? Green dont mean crAp. Oven cleaner I use daily and worry bout it. Not so much on my ps

Tom Forsythe

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Mar 20, 2006
Salt lake City, UT
I have two daughters with asthma. One Christmas morning, they opened a gift of leather working tools with a lot of leather. We were at the emergency room for one of them within a half hour as the odor from the leather triggered the attack. I have worked with cleaning chemicals over the years without incident. However, I have had a couple of reactions to strong perfume. I will also react to nail polish to the extent that my wife and girls go to a nails place to get it done. I also had a hedge (never sprayed it so it is organic as it gets) that I trimmed every year. After 7 years I started to have a reaction that got me out of that job. Smoke for forest fires also have created reactions. I went to Santa Barbara in August 2018 and it took a few months to get rid of the lingering cough that result from that visit to the fire zone. Some are more sensitive than others and to different things.

Generally I think fragrances and solvents used create most of the problems. Aerosols make it worse. Green certification indicates safer for the environment, but we need to be careful to not assume that any such product would be safer for the user. A chemically sensitive individual called me and asked what could be used in his house. I instructed him to have the cleaner use an anti-allergen product. He thought our Green Seal certified product would be safe, but I instructed him to use the other product. He called a few days later and described his adverse reaction to the Green Seal certified product. The lesson for all of us is to recognize that everybody is different and SDS need to be sent to their doctor for their evaluation, even if it is a Green Certified product.