Cleaning a house where a woman was stabbed..

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Jun 19, 2012
Clear Lake, TX
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United States
I get the call, hear the details, blood on carpet, stairs, etc. She tells me she's the sister of the victim. (Who's expected to make a full recovery) and in La Porte, TX. She said I probably heard about it on the news, which I did.
It was on ABC news and all that and it was about a block from my place, no less

She was quoted $2000-3000 from a few other places and I asked her if she could send pics if possible, since she was an hour or two away and I was unable to see it in person. I was shocked at how little the amount of blood was.

I tell her I'll just do it for free, since we're almost literally neighbors, it wasn't much - and I like doing a good deed from time to time.

I can't imagine what they're going through, so, why not do a good deed? I've cleaned heaps of blood more than once, so I know what PPE to wear, and what to expect.

Anyone else ever do 'charity' type work in your community?



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Apr 23, 2018
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Michael Stevens
I clean a home for a elderly lady at a massive loss, just because I feel like Im Giving back. It makes me feel good. But when I provide a service even under bad circumstance I “normally” try to consider I am providing a honest service and charge a honest price. I’d never take advantage even under good circumstance. Unfortunately most everything in this old system of things is unjust. The world revolves around a problem, and a service to care for the problem. I think it’s disgusting people have to pay for things like cancer treatment, or ill children. I appreciate the promise I feel is true “soon no resident will say I am sick”
I guess it all boils down to our heart. If our heart motivates us I say do it. I bid each job on site with no flat rates. It allows me to evaluate the actual job and price accordingly. I do take into consideration all the time circumstances. Some people would say that’s unfair, and it very well maybe but it allows me to sleep at night. My dad always told me he didn’t care if I was a dr. or pumped has he would be proud if I did it honestly. And a honest days work does deserve a honest days pay. Even some who I know clearly can pay more then I feel is required I still don’t. I’m tempted at times but I can honestly say it’s hard not to do.


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Mar 31, 2016
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Dale MacDonald
Always more happiness in giving than receiving.
Come to Canada where there’s shame in prosperity. Even the poverty groups are unionized. And that’s no shit!so on this we disagree. Canada is getting to be the country of lazy. And the government is the modern day Robin Hood, take from the working and give to the lazy.