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Chris Garrison

Cleaned this designer bought sofa because of wine spill. Custy put vinegar then baking soda. Extracted with home extractor. First pic is what I showed up to. I cleaned with week flex and citrasolve prespray and water extraction with sapphire upholstery tool. I then spotted with stain magic, let it dwell 15min then extracted. Only thing left after cleaning was darkest spot of wine still shown in the second pic but no water marks. 2nd pic is what custy took the next day. She called store that sold it and fiber is 42%cotton/ 32%linen/ 26%rayon. Any suggestions? P.s. We did dry strokes.

Kamill Kierskii

If it's a water stain we had luck with a mixture of activator powder and upholstery shampoo . Whipped in to nice foamy solution and applied evenly to the fabric . Let it sit for a bit and then vacuum only

Russell D. Hornbeck

So to go into a little more detail: 1. Make sure you are not leaving the cleaned area with a high pH as it can cause cellulosic browning. 2. When wet cleaning, keep it as dry as possible, dry it as quickly as possible, and evenly wet and dry the piece to avoid browning/watermarking. 3. If you still experience browning, there are multiple tannin/browning reducer agents on the market that you can treat the material with to aid in the reducing and eliminating cellulosic browning.
Why are you going back. If a stain has been tampered with you make them sign a form prior to the job, as we should not be offering guaranteed removal...never take complete ownership of a stain, especially the ones the customer tried to fix themselves.