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Russell Roberts

Cleaned a pair of velvet couch cushions the other day, get a call from the customer today saying some spots came back as if it was from my pre treatment which was Prochem Fine Fabric Prespray (Matrix Accomplish) and rinsed with All Fiber Rinse. She sent me some pics and here they are. After cleaning I brushed them and everything, they looked awesome and were dry when I left. Could this be because they aren't supposed to be wet cleaned? Any suggestions on fixing it? Scott Warrington any ideas?

Andrew Johnston

I wonder if you could gently steam it out with an iron and a damp cloth. In my really really limited knowledge of velvet, that's what came to my mind. Not sure how much more time you wanna invest in it though. Maybe best to reupholster them and move on

Steven Krebs

Good info. Dealing with a knock off velvet like material. Had the seat cushion lightly rested on the arms and caused the matching (marks) on the arms. Will be trying the mist and brushing.

Scott Warrington

I would try the wrinkle remover and brushing the nap. You can also make your own wrinkle remover 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of a quality Fabric softener and then approximately equal volume of distilled water and rubbing alcohol to fill a qt trigger sprayer. Don't use a fabric softener with strong colored dyes. Spray on lightly, give it a few minutes to work, brush the nap.