FB Chem Tex Panther Truckmount $3,000 - 52405...


Paul Phillips

Chem Tex Panther Truckmount $3,000 - 52405 What would you guys pay for this? I am selling it and will consider delivering, (In the continental US). Idk what to sell it for. It runs and it is making money as we speak. I am just ready for a bigger truckmount. Within this last year, I replaced the blower, water supply pump, water pressure pump, hoses, floats, heater coils, etc. I pretty much rebuilt this simply designed unit. The only major thing I haven't replaced is the engine itself. This unit has a ton of original hours on it, but the hour meter had a crack and water got in it. I replaced the meter at the same time as the blower. Water pump that I installed does 1500 psi (although I never go that high on T&G, I know it's rated for it), It has a urai 33 roots blower. I beefed up the water supply pump to a bigger one. It won't starve the machine and it's more sensitive to it being full. (The bigger one doesn't fit on the tradition bracket. I have a brand new smaller pump if you want to switch it back), I re did the whole fuse setup to make it more convenient to change out fuses, plus the last one was falling apart. Will sell with the van for additional. Let's talk

Rich Troia

i hate to say it, but chances are it has very little resale value. MAYBE $1-2k if your lucky. They are not highly sought after and have a real bad reputation in the indistry

Will Phillips

That's all my buddy used to buy back in the day. He thought of it as brand spanking new truck mount for 8-10k.Question I have for you is why sell it? We have one laying around the shop, that needs parts.. Sounds like that's your money maker Mr. Phillips. It ain't broke! Lucky to have ole greeny