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Oct 11, 2017
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I have been billing $150.00 on every job that we use an infrared camera for over 3 years. Thought I might share this tip with everyone. Since you can get infrared cameras for our purposes for $400 -$1000 now you can get your money right back after a few jobs. Then it's all profit.

After 3 years I have found that 70% of the insurance companies will pay for it. Plus it will also help convert the call, and close the deal. Clients like to hear that you use the latest technology. We always follow up with the moisture meter to verify the readings. I call it my Double Visual Close. Clients see the picture on the camera and then they see the readings on the meters.

Remember to include a photo of the affected area with the infrared camera on the invoice for the insurance adjuster.

Hope this helps


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