Ceramic Tile & Grout Ruined by gojo soap?

Jul 9, 2017
Real Name
stephanie barber
Hey all, I have a question about soap and tile/grout. Have you ever seen soap etch tile?

I came into one of my buildings Monday evening to find one of the soap dispensers in the mens bathroom had leaked all over the ceramic tile and grout and it sat there for hours soaking into the tile and mat and of course this was near the sink and hand dryer so water was mixing with it throughout the a 12 hour shift causing a very soapy mess. Anyhow, we mopped it up which took 4 mop buckets of fresh clean water and several clean mop heads. When I was sure I had removed all the soap, I let it dry and came back that night to check on it and much to my surprise the tile looks as though its been etched and the grout is white and the grouts original color was a dark gray.

My plan was to go back in with my oreck orbital & brush & bonnet, tile & grout cleaner, a mop bucket w/fresh water BUT I'm absolutely baffled at how soap could cause such a problem. Am I looking at this all wrong? Maybe rather than looking at the tile as being damaged I should consider the soap really cleaned the heck out of all that tile and in fact the other tile needs some soap spilled on it too? Lol, I mean that seems far more reasonable than trying to convince myself that the soap etched the tile, right? Lol, any feedback on this would be awesome.