CDS 4.8 Cuts off


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Aug 13, 2018
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Derrick M
Hello. Im having a issue here. Got hydramaster cds 4.8. it runs great, you can clean for hour straight until it cuts off you turn the cds off. Then it just revs the engine up when you try and restart the cds. Its in a 2013 chevy express no engine problem no engine codes.

all lights on throttle box are solid
lube is up to date
all filters cleaned
checked all grounds
Salsa unit is functioning properly
no metal shavings around clutch
new belt and pulleys
traced all wires to make sure intact.

Is there anything im missing here? thanks

Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
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When it acts up confirm 12v+ to the clutch with a meter. If it's getting full power your clutch is shot, but half ass working. If it's not getting power or enough power work backwards on the hot wire that powers the clutch to the key. Somewhere is a problem, nicked or partially broken wire.

Also check voltage at the key when it does it. If the whole system is not getting enough juice it is going to be a sonofagun to troubleshoot right. Your year CDS probably gets its juice from under the driver's seat if memory serves me.

When you find the issue post it here.