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Aug 29, 2018
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Chris Westerman
Cash flow is Cash flow right? In my own experience lately I have been utilizing my banks mobile deposits feature and I'm surprised how much more fluid it had made our Cash flow....I mean you might think we'll its not that big of deal just wait a couple days and throw together a deposit. Well being a busy business owner sometimes it would be a week or 2 before I'd actually get it to the bank and honestly now that I mobile deposits all of our checks the day of payment it has changed my mental perspective of how our business is doing. Sounds kind of strange because the numbers are all still the same , same AR, same expenses, with 1 exception! Undeposited funds! I have come to realize the big 3 to keep an eye on to track our numbers from an accounting POV
1 Cash on hand ( obvious)
2 Accounts receivable
3 Undeposited Funds

I'm still learning and open to how you guys keep a close eye on your numbers.

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