Carpet Repair


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Dec 2, 2021
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Daniel Hreha
Hello to all the pros here!

My name is Daniel and I need some guidance. I am looking into starting a side business just reparing carpet. I am probably going to market mostly to commercial customers such as hotels, offices, stores, but also residential. I have a solid 9 to 5 with a pension waiting on me so I'm just looking for evening and weekend work for extra income, but also as a challenge and another craft to hone and practice. I have previous experience in repair work from my apartment and hotel maintenance days. I used to use the cookie cutter tool to repair burns and small stains, repair transitions at tile, patch damaged areas with donor carpet from a closet, etc. In hotel rooms I'd cut sections from under a bed to try and pattern match an area I had to repair. I want to provide solid work and be good at it. I have scrap carpet at home I practice on. Anyway, my main question to you pros: Do you think this is a viable side business? I'm not looking to be a huge outfit or directly compete with the cleaning and repair companies locally. I live in a city of about 400k, Rocket City Huntsville, Alabama. I'd gladly take referals for overflow work from cleaning outfits that are too busy if they approved of my work. Any advice you could give, wisdom, insight, I'd greatly appreciate. Or a good reality check if need be. Thanks ahead of time.