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Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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Robert Allen,Jr.
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I killed my ankles playing squash, by 13 I had to give up...could have played pro
Playing football my ankles were always heavily strapped. I always keep rigid strapping tape in the van, it’s awesome stuff. Can repair a hose or an ankle lol
Can make huge industrial bandaids
Hot tip:
I used my underarm deodorant aerosol can as freezy spray to ice it quickly
Works amazing!!!!!
The magic medical pain/ice spray is only pure propellant, so deodorant is safe to skin and smells fresh lol
Then wrapped it up right quickly before swelling set in
Finished agitating and then cleaned carpets and went home to stick it in a bucket of ice
Lucky was last job
And worked the next morning..
Another Hot Tip:
When I buy new work shoes/sneakers, I normally cut the heel cup/counter off them and turn them into “Japanese Tiling Slides”
Easy to kick on or off when shoes have chems on them
With my ankle, had to wear my Japanese slides for a couple days
Besides I find if you keep moving ankle heals much faster than sitting on your ass, and it keeps the bills paid
I was playing basketball with my brother in law and his Achilles snapped and rolled right up back his leg. Worst sound and looking muscle injury I’ve seen. Thanks but no thanks
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