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Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

Jeff Marek

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Aug 24, 2012
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Jeff Marek
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United States
Anyone in the market for a new truckmount in the Midwest (or anywhere for that matter), I urge you to consider Total Cleaning Solutions out of Fort Wayne, Indiana!
Their Clean Worx TM’s are well built, powerful, reliable, and best of all affordable.
The owner, Mark, is a great guy! Honest, upfront, and stands behind his machines. He can also help you with any other questions you may have, whether it be about solutions, equipment, educational classes, or suggestions about floor cleaning, just ask!! For info check out their Facebook page:

Total Cleaning Solutions LLC


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Feb 6, 2020
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Alex Goodman
This is a great idea!

Is that thing basically a brush pro?

PS. Maybe when we post somethingxcvcx for sale we should date it at the top so we can see when it went up, and if we know it got sold or we bought it we should edit it in bold at the bottom of the post "SOLD"