FB Can someone help me out? I am banned from all...


Robert Allen

Can someone help me out? I am banned from all other sites and can't post or respond to posts. Whats going here? I noticed the description for the recommended Mark Seger rinse has been changed since I wrote the article on Optical Brighteners.

I was sent a screenshot where he called me an idiot. Thats ok, Im used to others trying to pull me down as I reach for the brass ring. It motivates me!! But what I don't understand is the sudden change this morning with the removal Optical Brighteners. Thats concerning.

Here is the link and the screenshot from Google showing it still archived on Google from last week. But now if you follow the https://shop.truckmountforums.com link you will see it has been manipulated. Wednesday when I wrote this article Optical Brighteners was there. Now it is gone. Can someone please explain why the description was changed? Erik Hiltz your close buddies with these guys, perhaps you can help out.


My recent Optical Brightener article;

Travis Rykbos

Your screen shot does say optical brightner but it does not say saigers sauce, maybe it's a different product from Harvard? I don't understand why people try to start crap, y'all both have good chems.

Dusty Shearer

Sounds like he’s doing damage control and smearing your name right along with it. Jealousy is a very damning thing. You do you and keep doing what you’re doing. Screw that idiot.

Ray Harthcock Sr

I agree with everyone’s comments in these threads. Rob only says; in his opinion!?!? The “1” thing I love about Rob. He’s a fierce competitor, doesn’t take “No” for an answer. Hates like “Hell” to lose. If I was gonna bet on a horse? I like everyone in all the forums, everyone single one has been helpful to me. Wished everyone could get along.
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Rob Allen III

I actually have a screenshot of before saiger promoting Harvard to use the extraction rinse with his SS - https://shop.truckmountforums.com/Harvard edited the description right after we put up that article on how bad Optical Brighteners are. See pic :D Gotta love ppl who dont know chemistry and giving bad info to cleaners to ruin carpets! :O
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