California bans truck mount cleaning.


Aug 28, 2019
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Steven Schafer
Things about's the largest economy in the United States at 14% of the country's GDP. It generates 3 trillion in GDP. If they left the United States and become their own country they would be the fifth largest country in the world for GDP. It wouldn't be a hit to California because they are dollar for dollar even on Federal taxes paid in to those given back.
In the long run, if Ford is making it so the F150 can power your house, I suspect it will power the truck mount. Imagine asking a customer for gas to fill up the truck mount, not such an easy task but I suspect plugging in when you get to the customer will become common place. Yeah! Free power. Running an electric engine has fewer parts and costs less slightly less than half the cost of a gas engine. If you live in liberal California and charge it from your home solar panels that cost drops to about 35% of the 50%.
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