Butler wont bring up RPM's in cold weather? See this video

Mark Saiger

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May 27, 2007
Grand Rapids, MN
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Mark Saiger
Had a bunch of calls with the cold weather today....

Had Butler's with the vacuum control pods that must have had some moisture in them....they would not allow the RPM's to come up....

And one of them, it wouldn't let the RPM's come down after cleaning.

Typically it is because the vacuum pods will get moisture in them over time, and just driving from a heated shop to 5 miles away, they can freeze up.

You need to move them by had if you can....or heat them with hair dryer or heat gun if in the field...

Or, can try some isopropyl alcohol or ws 40 in the hole of the pod and drain to see if can get the moisture out a bit but replacement is definatley needed.

They are not that expensive (was around $38 per pod last time I bought some)

Now the newer Butlers run off electronic control module....Much better!

Here is a video showing some locations of the pods and also what they look like and how to adjust them.

Mark Saiger
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