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Butler Truck Mount in Dodge 3/4 Van Fully Loaded For Sale

Johnny Bravo

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Apr 25, 2011
San Pedro, Ca
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John Sheridan
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United States
1990 Dodge 3/4 Ton Van with a Butler Truck mount with fresh water tanks, waste tank, solution line and reel, vacuum hose and reel, wands, chemicals, and generator all for $3,500
The van has been taken care of very well from what I've seen. This is a fully loaded van and Butler Truck Mount for less then the cost of a portable machine.
Located in Los Angeles, Ca. Unit belongs to a friend of mine who wants out of the business so I'm helping sell it. You can contact me via text at 310-467-7501.
P.S. I'm having trouble posting some of the pictures so once I figure out what the problem is I'll add more tot he thread. In the man time here are some that I can post now.


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