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Business Plan: Looking for help


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May 25, 2015
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Hey guys, believe it or not, i never did write a business plan. I kept it in my head and it has worked out well. Problem is... banks don't like the whole " it's in my head" concept :)

I am wondering if anyone has a business plan that they wrote, not that I can copy obviously but one that I can use as a general outline to write mine.

Or, you may have a suggestion on how to write mine. Thanks.
I didn't have a business plan either. I was not very aware of how to make one too. I felt marketing and advertising was of prime importance, and now my firm has grown very fast. Online marketing is a good option but there is a chance that your mail is marked as spam. So its always good to go for a reliable and result oriented service like bulk mailing services in Toronto ( . These are highly targeted and can reach a specific group of people whom we think can be our potential customers. Video marketing is also effective for promoting business especially if you have any special offers.
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