Business Insurance Issues


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Dec 13, 2022
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Sylvia Williams
Just found out today that no insurance carriers cover the work we do, they just cover incidentals. In other words if you ruin a carpet you are paying for the carpet. If you ruin a tile floor you are paying for the floor and if you ruin an area rug etc. Insurance does not cover the work we do. If you ruined a cabinet or baseboards that's covered. If got the legs of a pool table wet and it ruined them that's covered. You get the picture. We are not covered for the actual work we are doing. I found out the hard way. If anyone has an answer to this please help, because we can't find a single insurance company that will cover what we actually work on. P.S. They also wont cover carpet and upholstery cleaning on boats, RV's or condo's over the 3rd floor. Does anyone know if there is an insurance company out there who cover these things?