Browning on Large Area Rug

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Sep 18, 2022
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So I am having issues with a Rug that had red Stains on it which I was successful in removing but then upon returning today to move furniture back after cleaning I'm noticing around all of where his furniture would of been placed the carpet has browned on me and I'm not sure why??? Please help same solutions used on entire carpet padding underneath he said he believes it to be wool but when using the iron on the red Stain it was causing issues with the heat seeming to maybe not melt but show a difference of where iron was and where it wasn't and now I'm hoping I didn't ruin this 16x12!! Please help me figure this out! His wife comes back Tuesday and the island won't let me on there today with my van! Iv got one day to fix it!


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Feb 13, 2011
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If it's wool, I wouldn't use any high PH cleaners on it, I've had browning issues before as well. Usually keep it on the acidic side. Have you tried using brown out on it? I typically keep Prochem Yellow RX on the van and it's saved me when grabbing the wrong spotter for a wool rug.
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