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Bridgepoint Encapuguard GREEN Carpet Protector and Topical Treatment is Now EPA DfE Certified


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Sep 4, 2007
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dfebng150.jpgIf you are looking for one green formulation that protects against staining, resists soiling, and prevents wicking, browning and yellowing, then Encapuguard Green from Bridgepoint Systems is your new carpet protector and topical treatment. Encapuguard Green can be used as a topical post cleaning treatment for stain and soil protection, wicking prevention, pH neutralizing, browning and yellowing prevention and adding soil resisting polymers; for treatment of problematic wicking areas; as a fabric stain and soil protection treatment; and as an Encapsulating Booster for Hot Water Extraction Acid Rinse Agents

Encapuguard Green is formulated in conjunction with guidelines established by the U.S. EPA Design for Environment (DfE) Program. It is one of the first carpet protection and prevention treatments Certified under the DfE program. The DfE program seeks to promote the use of products with improved environmental and human health characteristics and to recognize and encourage environmentally preferable chemistry. The DfE Certification process requires independent laboratory effectiveness testing, thus you can be assured that Encapuguard Green does what is says it does. Encapuguard Green replenishes the soil resistance and stain protection that came with your new carpet. It enhances “cleanability” and spot and stain removal with exclusive encapsulating polymer protection you won’t find in conventional carpet protectors. Encapuguard Green will provide your customer with easier spot and spill clean-up. Their carpet will last longer, as the protection reduces carpet wear from abrasive soling, especially in high traffic areas. Subsequent vacuuming will be easier, faster, and more efficient. The encapsulating polymer additive will also virtually eliminate wicking of soil or spills after hot water extraction cleaning that often occurs on many carpets. It pH neutralizes any alkaline cleaning residues and protects against browning and yellowing. Encapuguard Green Post Cleaning Protective Treatment employs the use of soil resistance, stain protection, wicking prevention, and residue neutralizing technology and brings the benefits of encapsulation cleaning to hot water extraction cleaning jobs. Encapuguard Green will leave their carpet cleaner and fresher and is safer for children and pets when used and applied as directed. Encapuguard Green covers up to 2,800 sq. ft. per concentrated gallon. The best part is that it costs less than 1-2 cents per square foot to apply.

Encapuguard Green is available from your local Interlink Supply Distributor and selected specialty Bridgepoint Distributors