Boss Optima Wisdom.

Mike. O

Oct 13, 2016
Real Name
Mike Ochoa
This industry is almost entirely composed of owner operators trying to reach the next level and either get off the van or expand to a multi van operation. Boss Optima was started in 1991 with 3 trucks running on its first day of business. This was achieved because it was understood that marketing was just as important as any aspect of our actual carpet cleaning. I believe any successful business is like a 3 legged stool. It must have all 3 legs to be stable and solid. Sales, Operations and Administration. Be weak in any of these 3 areas and your road is a lot tougher. To date our company has performed millions of dollars in services nationwide and has been a nuisance to the large national chains because we specifically go after their premium clients, who are more concerned with quality then price point. One of our companies primary missions is to take the knowledge and wisdom that has helped us succeed and share it with the operators who share our values about quality and lifting up the industry. Our national affiliate program was created with this in mind. I personally believe the national chains are gobbling up market share at such a high rate, that in a few years we will see in our industry exactly what happened in the car repair industry. 20 years ago there used to be a mom and pop auto repair shops every where. Then the dealerships decided they wanted to sell you the car and be your repair shop also. They poured millions into polishing up the presentation of a service center and became the obvious choice. Now look what is left .. a small group of operations who can compete with the gloss of the dealerships. Companies like Pep Boys and Brakes Plus . I believe this is the path of our Industry . If you can not compete with the polished presentation of Stanley steamer or Coit or Zero Rez then you are at a severe long term disadvantage. Today I want to leave you with 4 concepts that you would be very wise to Consider...

1.) Think like a customer. I feel one of the biggest mistakes technicians in this industry make, is they think like a technician. They don't think like a customer. Your customer does not want to hear "That stain wont come out" when you first walk in the door. If you think like a tech that might make perfect sense.. (Disclosure)... but if you think like a customer its a total turn off. That customer wants to hear "That's a tough stain and it might be permanent but I have 2 products I'm going to try and ill tell you this: if I cant get it out, nobody can" . If you think like a customer that's the obvious move. That's what a client wants to hear. (That is what you would want to hear). I can not stress this enough. In everything you do, THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER.

2.) Put just as much focus in your presentation as you do your cleaning results. You know why Stanley Steamer is nationwide? its not because they are cleaning dramatically better then you. They just have a better presentation. Everything they bring into the house is clean. Its yellow with their logo on it. Their techs are dressed like their going to church. The presentation is highly polished. Its memorable. Does dominoes pizza make better pizza then everybody else... No they don't. They just are much more polished at doing it. And that is one of the biggest secrets in this industry.

3.) You want to be paid more for your services? Its simple, Give more. Our company has a$290 to $300 ticket average before we get to the house. And we achieve this because we sell a service that justifies that price. With guarantees, and assurances that are far above the industry standard. The more distinction you can create from what is "normal" the more you can charge . Think about the packages at the local car wash.... There is some serious wisdom there.

4.) Be memorable. Our company has over 9 elements that we consider to be "unique to the industry" . Things we do that are very memorable and uncommon. Things that make a client feel like they are experiencing something unique. How are you unique? What is memorable about the experience you give the client? What will they remember a year from now? Create your distinction. Starbucks coffee invented an entire new industry by completely re-thinking what a coffee shop was. Our industry needs visionaries like this.

I am going to share some high level wisdom on this forum. My intention is to level the playing field between the national chains and the rest of the industry. If you have not worked at a national chain then a lot this will be new to you. My hope is that you will open your heart to new ideas and a better way.

Mike Ochoa