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Bonnet rundown

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Dec 3, 2012
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Are you using a 175 and Hot Knife?
This one was yes 175 but with releaseit hydr0x. Very tight working around furniture. A op machine would be nice. Lol holding that buffer handle white knuckling it tryin not to put it through the sliding glass door :D we installed it. Carpet is a low tight pile with patern loops. But we bordered the carpet with a heavy pile. So it was uneven and pulling the machine.
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Jan 29, 2018
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Hey everyone,

So after my 2nd back surgery I have decided to move away from the residential carpet and floor services as it is just too much on my body. I am selling my van and all equipment, but keeping my commercial hard floor stuff...low speed machines, wide area vacuums etc. and will continue on that route. I have a Nautilus portable, but wouldn't want to run that on CGD or other commercial accounts and looking into the bonnet/vlm side for commercial account. I have no idea what is good, how to use it, what to charge as compared to HWE and looking for any help and advise to get me going on the right path. I appreciate any help I can get with this.
Look into the Cimex floor machine. We own 2 of them and they are like gentle giants. We love them!

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Aug 1, 2013
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Well what kind of machine would be the best? I know that is open to interpretation, but I am moving from residential to all commercial. I hear cimex are best for large commercial (which is my area of interest) and the vibe type machines are better for smaller areas. If you run the revive or release for standard cleaning, how do you get rid of heavy soils or do spotting? Does the bonnet just break it down and suck it into the pad?
When I padcap I use my Cimex followed by a cotton bonnet. Micro fiber w/scrub strip bonnet if the carpet is filthy. Works great.