Blown Engine

john mundy

Jan 17, 2017
Real Name
john mundy
I’m pretty sure I just blew my motor on my 2011 boxxer 323hp. I haven’t checked my oil in a while and was due for an oil change. I just went to go run my truck mount cleaning my own apartment. fired up the machine, ran it for about 2 minutes to warmup and then went full throttle. About 30 seconds after and I realized I was losing suction bad, ran downstairs and thought the throttle was slipping and I find the throttle still wide open and hear a loud knocking noise. I turn the machine off check the dipstick and see it’s almost dry. Uncapped my oil hose only to find about 1/4 cup of oil in the engine. I feel absolutely terrible...anyone have any suggestions? Broken rod I’m guessing that caused the knocking noise? She only has 500 hours and I’ve always been pretty good with oil changes, would change every 50 hours or 3 months.

it was usually every three months since I average about a job a week.

If it’s a broken rod would the engine be salvageable? Like I said it only ran for about 20-30 seconds full throttle before she started to die.
any advice is greatly appreciated.