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Sep 1, 2009
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Paul Ottensmann
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United States
I take the approach to carry cleaning agents on the truck that I most likely will need on a day to day basis. The truck gets hot inside so the effectiveness of some agents can be affected by heat over time.

So I get to this job last Friday and find that the customer put down adhesive strips and then put a rug over them that had black backing. When they pulled up the rug prior to cleaning, they found pitch black tape strips like the ones in the picture (closest to the door) My schedule was tight that day plus I didnt carry enough solvent to get it all out (I used all I had on the nearest strips) so I told them I would return on Monday to finish the job.

Turned out quite well, not perfect but was getting diminishing returns. But lesson learned to maybe reassess my thinking on carrying spotters in larger quantity.

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