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Feb 27, 2011
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I've been all VLM for 2 years now and have tried almost all the encaps except Encapstore.

It's just my opinion but I think the best Residential encap is - TMF SuperCap with Unchained

It has never let me down
RTU ph 7
It has a strong Peroxide
It has a clean fresh smell/scent
Removes pet stains and coffee stains
It leaves the carper fibers nice and soft
It's a liquid so it's easier to work with
It makes colors really pop
Never tried SuperCap on Commercial carpet
Never tried SuperCap on furniture.
Never tried SuperCap on any heavily soiled carpet
Never used it on wool

Other encaps that I use and like:

TMF Green Label excellent dissolves easily but it's a powder. I prefer liquid
Bonnet Pro Rocket excellent but SuperCap has the edge in my opinion
Bonnet Pro Radical excellent dissolves easily but it's a powder. I prefer a liquid
Bonnet Pro NanoMAXX for wool and is best no scent/smell/odor encap. 0 health rating Green Plant Based
Vacaway Grease Hawg high ph of 12 at 4 oz. I use it on rentals and heavily soiled carpet at 2- 4 oz per gallon. I usually add some Detonator (Peroxide)
Excellent Supply Releasit DS2 excellent for Commercial carpet. I don't use it on Residential

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