Best Replacement Battery for Dyson v6


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Aug 29, 2017
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After a year and a half of regular use, my V6 Animal Pro wouldn't stay charged anymore. I was constantly cleaning the filters because I thought a clog was causing the issue. It would run for about 2 minutes then die completely. I was ready to purchase another more expensive model of the Dyson cordless line since Dyson doesn't even sell replacement batteries for the V6 anymore. Without any expectations, I ordered this replacement battery from Amazon first. I'm glad I did. It turns out that removing the old battery was as easy as removing two screws. This new battery slid perfectly into place and was precisely aligned with the old screw holes. Shocking-right?!? It couldn't possibly be this easy! I assumed the new dyson v6 extended battery replacement 3000mah would be inferior to the original Dyson battery, but it turns out that this battery is far better than the old Dyson battery ever was even when it was brand new. The recharge time is about the same but more importantly, the run-time is far greater than the old battery. I kept expecting the new battery to fail at any moment, but it hasn't let me down yet. Who knew that buying a new battery could be so satisfying!?! I couldn’t be more pleased with its performance so in my opinion, it was worth every penny of the $44.00 price tag.
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