Best Generator for long term use?? Gas, Diesel, Propane. Model?

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Feb 11, 2010
Clarksville, TN
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Chris Biggs
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United States
What is the best generator for long term use. I need something dependable but obviously not the most expensive something in the middle. I think diesel obviously is better than gas. I've also seen some propane generators which would be better on the engine and smell but I've never even used one of those before. I'm looking for around 7000 watts or so to power my mytee 1003dx which if my calculations are correct runs around 4400 watts. will 7000 watt plus some surge be enough for this unit? I had a 5000 running watt coleman piece of garbage generator that failed miserably at this task ( i knew to much wattage so I ran without heat but it still broke down) . Any input is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


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Jan 28, 2011
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Damion Raburn
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United States
I like Dewalt..I never used them in CC .. But i have ran a swingstage with 2 of them ..for a long time..There still kickin after 7 or 8 years..
Dec 14, 2010
West of the Mississippi
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United States
The best proven generator is the generac. There is a reason they use em on expensive motor coaches. And as a back up emergency power on fire trucks. Dont get the cheap low end model the mid to highend is what u want.