Beginner tips on how get started encapping commercial with a 175

Dave Y

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Jul 14, 2008
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Dave Yokum
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How to get started encapping commercial carpet by using a 175 scrubber.

I tried to break it down to step by step (kindergarden style)

Use the brush bonnet combination pads listed here.

Use a 175. (Rental for now you can get them school auctions for almost free)

Buy a couple of pads that are 2" larger than the 175 machine.

For cleaning:

Vac carpet (Or can be done by house keeping)

Spray the bonnet pad till damp.(Just the side that will be down on the carpet)

Put pad under the machine (You will need a pad driver for the 175. Do not run a bare driver on carpet)

Set handle of machine to where you get a good balance (For a newbie it's better to have the handle lower than higher)

Press the switch on the handle.(just one switch)

If you have the handle at the right level the machine will not go left of right.(this is the neutral position)

VERY IMPORTENT:If the machine takes off, Immediately let go of the switch on the handle before you put a hole in the wall.

Re-level the machine handle to find the balancing point.

When found If you lower the handle 2' the machine will go left and if you raise the handle 2" it will go right.

Do this a few times, gradually lowering and raising the handle and returning to the neutural level position to get comfortable with the machine.

When you master the machine(or at least are able to use it without taking out walls and dividers)

Spray the carpet directly ahead of the machine (a small section at a time) and the run the bonnet over it.

Left to right and along the walls.

then spray a new section and move on.

Spray enough encap juice so that is shows some light whitening.

After cleaning a large section you can then lightly spray some of the previously cleaned heavy soiled area and repeat if you want.

Don't worry.

With a little practice and the tips I provided you will be able to master the machine in no time.

Now go make some money!!