Bane-Clene Machines?


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Jan 18, 2019
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Just thought it may be time to bump the Bane Clean thread TM because of fuel crisis.
Anyone now using their portable? Mods done? Or have any pictures of vac motor on top of Bane relief valve?
*Despite a long search on all forums and talking to Bane I cannot get definitive cfm/lift ratings. I have recently replaced my old Speedster with fresh C302A Vacs and at 100' is very functional with any type of booster it would be close to 33 blower...Not bad for 100lbs!


Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Just to add a few more points. One you can run the pump at more than 150 psi.
The pump in the Bane unit can run close to 200 psi with very good flow. At 180
degrees and with their excellent chemicals these machines work.
To me their biggest liability is their lack of vacuum. However all one has to do
is spend $899.00 for an inline Power Booster ! This can be done and give you
about 85% more vacuum. The combination of positive displacement and
centrifigul vacuum motor in parellel as described above provides a high quality
vacuum with good operating lift and cfm.
You can run a Bane unit on one 20 amp circuit. It is true there are two cords
but the one that turns the 3M vac blower draws around 9 to 11 amps and the pump
draws about 5 amps. The Power Booster will draw less than 13 amps under load.
So you just plug the vac blower motor and solution pump motor into an adapter
that takes both of these and then will plug into a 20 amp circuit a pull no more
than 16 to possibly 17 amp . Then as I said the inline Power Booster actually will
run comfortably on a 15 amp cirucut.
You will have very fast dry times with this setup as I have done this myself!

Jan Sullins
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Interesting, I never knew it would be possible to run it on one cord. I'd probably get an extra heavy gauge cord if I tried this just for peace of mind and extra safety, but this advice seems quite doable. The vacuum has been a draw back for the Bane units at least in the past. I don't know what they're doing these days or if there have been improvements to the vacuum. I used to use an ETM that required two 12 gauge cords to run it and believe me sometimes that was a major pain. I never went the route of getting a generator and went gas truck mount after about 3 years of that. If I did a Bane unit with one cord I think I'd go with a 10 gauge or not do it at all.