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Backlink Examples Please?


Feb 6, 2012
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Nathan Resick
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United States
Chiming in here... Reputation management ("customer reviews") software like NiceJob and Birdeye can help you collect reviews and automatically post them to your website-- keeping the website fresh, dynamic and adding to SEO goodness.

That is a fantastic idea. I was thinking of adding a blog but blogs are kind of pointless and this will make Google think I am updating my site on the regular without spending time actually doing so

Love it


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Sep 24, 2020
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Samuels Narvicks
Short question here - is it possible to backlink this or news are mostly dead for this?


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Apr 11, 2021
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Bogdan Krstic
Would like to add my 2 cents.

Facebook, Youtube, and all other social networks do indeed allow links to your website but those links are NoFollow.

You see, all backlinks on the web are either DoFollow (DF) or NoFollow (NF). If you plug your website into a tool like Ubersuggest, you will be able to see all of your backlinks. If you see "NF" next to it, that means that the link is set to NoFollow.

Most links from directory sites are also automatically set to NF.

What's the difference between NF and DF?

NF links have less authority behind them. When a site sets an outbound link as an NF, what it really does is instructing search engine robots to not "follow" that link and pass authority to it.

To put it simply, NF links are way less effective in building authority. If you want to build your website's authority and rank it higher in the search results, you'll need DF links.

However, that doesn't mean that NF links don't have their place. A healthy backlink profile has both NF and DF links.

I know this might be confusing for people doing it the first time. I will be here if you want to ask any questions about this.