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Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Steve Toburen

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Jul 15, 2008
Santiago, Dominican Republic
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Steve Toburen
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Dominican Republic
Rob says he has taken on the mission of saving any more carpet cleaners from foolishly dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. The SFS program is delighted to help in this important task. So I've uploaded a new resource:

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Dangers - Too many carpets cleaners are dying. Here is how to not be the next casualty!

TMF is all about helping our industry. So here is a Carbon Monoxide Safety Procedure taken right out of the 800 page SFS Operations Manual. (Included free with attendance at Jon-Don's Strategies for Success seminar.)

Steve Toburen

PS Please download and read this Procedure. But more importantly- IMPLEMENT IT. You just may save the lives of your employees, customers OR YOUR OWN LIFE! (You're...
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Bill Yeadon

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Aug 29, 2008
Indianapolis IN
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Bill Yeadon
Every year as the weather turns to horrible cold we have several cleaners die because they are parking in the garage and closing the door. Seeing that I ran BaneClene electric units I always parked in the garage even when it was just raining outside.

I am worried as it will be 7 below here tomorrow.