FB Automatic washing machine / Washing of carpets DISC BRUSH: The movement of 8 disc brushes (diameter

Automatic washing machine / Washing of carpets DISC BRUSH: The movement of 8 disc brushes (diameter 460 mm) to the right and left ensures thorough cleaning of the carpet fibers. Brush pressure is adjustable from the panel. By applying detergents through the brushes, the detergent penetrates to the base of the carpet fibers. The cleaning system ensures the removal of carpet contamination by softening. ROLLER BRUSH: Pollution softened with disc brushes separates from the surface of the carpet thanks to the roller brush screening system. By means of water, which is supplied from the brush, the rinsing procedure is partially completed. RAKE BRUSH:The system for cleaning the rake brush with lateral movement completely free from contaminants that have been softened and separated by roller and disc brushes. By the means of supplying water under pressure, which is connected to the system of a rake brush, complete rinsing is carried out. BRUSH OF THE LOWER SURFACE: After the washing is finished, during the roll-up of the carpet, it is cleaned on its back surface, helping to get rid of such impurities as hair, wool, etc. RINSE SYSTEM: Due to the supply of water in the machine from 3 points, the carpet is completely cleaned of detergents and soiling. Thus, the washing process is completed. PROGRAMMABLE CONTROL: The machine is controlled by a computer using a touch screen. If an error occurs, you can see it on the screen and correct it immediately. CONVEYOR BELT SYSTEM: The dimensions of the conveyor belt can changed according to the size of the carpet. The belt width can be adjusted according to the customer's request. SPEED CONTROL: The control option on 3 speed axes gives the advantage of cleaning all types of carpets. The speed control system allows to reduce to the minimum possible losses. The possibility of speed control is the most important characteristic affecting the quality of washing. PRESSURE SETTING ON THE CARPET: The machine regulates the degree of pressure on the carpet, depending on the thickness. • Width: 3000mm • Volume: 3000mm • Height: 1800mm • Engine power: 20.5 kW • Weight: 2000kg • Band Width: 2600mm • Band Speed: 1000 • Maximum Carpet Width: 2500mm • Control panel: PLC, Touch • Material: Zinc • Motion system: Adjustable PLC speed • Vacuum: No • Electricity consumption: 20.5 kW / h • Dirty water outlet: Yes • Control: Automatic • Throughput per day: 1750m2 • Disk Brush: Ø460mm • Roller Brush: Ø280mm • Grab Brush: Ø280mm • Lower surface brush: Ø200mm • Speed: 0.5m / min - 1m / min • Guarantee: 2 years