Auction for my 1999 box truck w/Legend

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rob allen

Staff member
Sep 5, 2007
Real Name
Robert Allen,Jr.
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United States
Going to auction off my 1999 Isuzu box truck with a Prochem Legend, 200’ electric reel, 200’ live solution line, new pump out, 150 gallon water tank, 150 gallon waste tank and air mover shelving. Keep in mind it’s a 1999 and used daily.

Last time I sold a 2002 Chevy with a Prochem Performer, 300’ electric side reel, 200’ electric side reel, pump out, 110 gallon fresh tank, 100 gallon waste tank two 200’ solution live reels and a Prochem Ti wand for 5k. It sprung a leak in a heat exchanger after he picked it up and I got ate alive on the internet for it. Tried help porty guy go to Truckmount. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Though the weekend after he bought it they had the coldest weather of the year at near single digits. Maybe my fault, who knows. It was a good value regardless. Point is it didn’t leak before it left but did 1 week later. Regardless, it will be sold cheap but AS IS and I don’t want to hear someone come here and say it’s not 100% perfect. It’s a 1999 and we use it for rugs everyday.

The good is listed above. We will shoot a video of all the good and bad and then start an auction. Just want it gone as I’m buying another new Truck since we are finishing our last build this week. Bidding starts at 1k and cash deal. First come, first serve. Will not deliver, it’s in Va Beach.



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Jun 28, 2011
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Todd Seagraves
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United States
Do me a favor... Put the TMF logo and your cartoon Rob logo on the side..... It'll save the buyer the headache of copying your logos later.