Cleaning News At the Experience...

From Team Phenomenal:

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at The Experience. If you're coming, here's what will be happening with Howard Partridge and Phenomenal Products...

Howard will be there with "Mrs. Phenomenal".

His 3 managers will be there. Pick their brain. They run arguably the most successful high end residential cleaning business in our industry.

Win an iPad Mini

Get a Free Business Growth Kit: Referral Certificate, Brochure, Referral Card, Consultation Form and Upsell Script

And Howard will be doing 3 presentations:

How to Upsell Over $10k Per Month Consistently
How to Get All the Referrals You Can Handle
The 5 "Secrets" of a Phenomenal Cleaning Business
(In this session, you'll go through a powerful review of how your business rates in each area)

See you there!
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