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FB At an apartment complex....walkthrough.....


Aron Jewett

Tell them to find an even cheaper cleaner so you get more work

Alfredo Olarte

That the water is hot doesn't meat that you can do better job

Michael Camacho

Just adding a different perspective but I measure every single job. You'd be surprised what the actual footage comes to if you take the time to measure... That placed looked to be 700 feet not 600... That job would be much more soiled than most jobs I see. Easily a 50 cents per foot job... $370 clean only. I know yer doing good Ron...so this is just another viewpoint but I feel like yer a guy who could sell water to a fish... Just need the sack to thin the herd and replace it with higher paying clients

Christopher King

On a 3 bedroom today.. I got $275, 6 rooms and some red spot removal

Shane Oates

I got clients like that, I try to add value by offering other services like mat cleaning, move out cleaning and window cleaning with waterfed pole ( so easy a trained monkey can do it) once I get the door locked up my competition I then start squeezing them and raise the rates.

Joe Couch

Apartments are a tough business to be in and to truly be profitable and make $$ in our area you need to charge a-la-cart. Have a base price for the cleaning and then charge for stains, scrubs, urine, dyeing, and repairs separately . Most of the time the complex pays for the cleaning but all the additional charges are usually taken out of the tenants deposit. Keep up the great work Ron.

Shane Oates

Around here if it goes beyond normal wear and tear it comes out of tenants deposit, and they need the cleaning to be done within 7 days so they can pay off remainder balance of deposit if any. Canadian law

Greg Allen RapidDry

A helper is fantastic, if you get the right guy. I have been blessed to have excellent helpers, and our pricing is healthy enough. We do 4 - 5 jobs per day at $335 per job average. He gets 10%, so on a 4.5 job/day average, we generate $1507 per day average. He gets $150 for 8 hours of work. Averages $18.75 per hour for a young guy who would otherwise be at a minimum wage job. And... makes my job MUCH easier. I couldn't imagine going solo again.

Charles Collins

Get a traditional bristle rotary scrubber for Apartments, My tech likes the 17in but I prefer the 13in since we are going up 3 flights of stairs, pre-spray,scrub,wand,done in an hour even if we are dyeing. Restretching,repairs,etc may take a lil longer

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