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Are you guys really that broke?


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May 22, 2020
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Andrew Schultz
That’s my whole family. Some people that were new to our group or family didn’t get it right away.

My in laws were definitely surprised.

Two wks ago they came from New Mexico for a week and they’re old school Mexicans as in dogs belong outside tied to a tree.

Well I’m not old school and my dogs sleep inside. First night in I grilled steak n shrimp and we are dinner. I finished first so I grab a cheap throw away plate through some of the fat trimmings in the plate and fed it to my dog. Then casually placed the dish in the cupboard. Should’ve seen the look on their faces.

We lost it , kids included.

I get some people are sensitive and some I don’t fool with to the extent I do with others but all in all most know how i am.

What’s funny is the overly sensitive ones look kore foolish
My dad was the funniest person I knew.
lived to make people laugh.


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Apr 13, 2011
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Its literally one button to uncheck to disable it...